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I love my twin babies • I love my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel • I love God; He has blessed me with everything • I love my wonderful family and friends • I love helping people • I love community work • I love working out • I love lifting • I love golfing • I love clean eating • I love my fruits and veggies • My favorite season is Fall • My favorite movies are action, but always love a good romantic comedy • I love being creative • I love all music • I love to laugh

Kimmylea, Owner - Event Planner & Designer

I design for my wife • I design for my boys • I design for God; He has blessed me with creative artistic ability • I design for my wonderful family and friends • I design to help people • I design for the community • I design with passion • I see design throughout all of life • All of nature is my design playground • My favorite seasons for design are all of them • My favorite design can be found in CG movies, but enjoy a good real-life story • I design to create a new perspective

Brent, Creative Director - Photography & Graphic Design

LimeLight Expressions

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We attend to all details and add creative touches with you in mind.




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